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Benefits of an indoor community swimming pool and gym in Alderney

The many comments on our petition show that the people of Alderney are convinced that there are many health and economic benefits to the Island of  the proposed indoor heated swimming pool and gym. In addition there are many unquantifiable benefits that follow on from having a healthier, fitter, and happier population.

Our children will benefit by

~ learning to swim in a safe, controlled environment available every day of the year. The sea around Alderney can be very dangerous and if this project saves just one child’s life it will be justified

~ having a recreational facility outside school hours

~ learning new skills such as diving that are not available to them at present

~ improving their fitness and health, particularly valuable for asthmatic children

~ giving them self confidence 

~ providing them with a facility enjoyed by nearly every other child in the CI and UK

~ giving them a healthy social meeting place


Our general population will benefit from

~ improved fitness and health

~ a reduction in obesity

~ having a sporting facility that can be enjoyed with minimum fitness level

~ having a number of qualified lifesavers available on the island

Our seniors will be able to enjoy healthy exercise without risking or damaging joints and muscles. 36.5% of our population are over 65 ~ a total of 609 people. Approximately 40% of these "would find significant medical benefit from hydrotherapy" (use of a swimming pool) ~ around 250 residents.

Post surgery patients, particularly those with replacement joints will be able to enjoy healthy exercise and reduce the time and costs of recovery

Mentally Handicapped ~ it is well established that there is enormous benefit from swimming and exercise

Our visitors will have somewhere to go on wet and cold days. Their children will enjoy the pool when the weather makes the sea undesirable.

Our hospitality industry will benefit by being able to offer the facility to their guests

Holiday home owners will be likely to visit more often, bringing in vital island funds

Clubs, societies and churches will be able to hold fund-raising swimming galas

In addition, we will be encouraging new businesses to use the facility - personal trainers, swimming coaching, steaching infants to swim, diving, initial sub-aqua and canoeing lessons. This will benefit the island's economy and employment.

What do you think? We welcome all comments, suggestions and criticisms Contact us!