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Frequently asked questions

Previously proposed sports centres on Alderney have come to nothing. How can this one work?
We have learnt from the previous schemes and so this time we are proposing a much scaled down project with just a 25m. indoor heated swimming pool and a small gymnasium ~ which our business plan shows is sustainable on Alderney. By retaining the existing swimming pool changing rooms and showers at the school we save one third of the capital costs. Sharing the facility with the school results in further savings of running costs.

Who will use the facility?
The school will have exclusive use of the pool at agreed times. At other times there will be sessions for public swimming (open and lanes), a swimming club, swimming classes including complete beginners, diving, and infants. We will welcome proposals for other activities in the pool such as canoe lessons, water polo and sub aqua training.

The gym will be available whenever the pool is open, although it will not be possible to use the changing rooms and showers during school swimming sessions.

Can I buy a season ticket?
As well as single entry tickets we plan to make available annual, monthly and weekly passes (which will appeal to visitors). The longer the pass, the cheaper the entry.

How much will it cost to swim ?
As a charity we are committed to keeping the entry costs as low as possible. We aim to charge less than you would pay for an equivalent facility on the mainland or in Guernsey.

I'd love to swim and use the gym but I'm very self conscious
We plan to hold "quiet" sessions where people with special needs, or who are elderly or feel self conscious, can use the facility. It will be adults only (apart from special needs children) and no-one will feel uncomfortable.

I'd like to use the pool but I have difficulty getting in and out
We have been given a "chairlift" so that clients can be lowered and raised from a sitting position into the shallow end. We are also installing steps at the shallow end for clients who find a ladder difficult.

I'd like to volunteer to help when it's open. What can I do?
We will need trained volunteers for reception, cleaning, gym supervision and life guarding. We would like to reward everyone who works voluntarily for 2 hours with a pass for the facility which they can give away as a present or use themselves.

Can I help now with getting the centre open?
Contact our fundraising team who would love to hear from you. We will also be looking for volunteers to help with tiling and decoration (under professional supervision) once the building is erected.

When will the centre be open?
We hope to open in 2016.

Will the teachers lose their car park?
No. The school car park will be retained exclusively for school use. It may be possible to use the car park outside school hours, this is being discussed with the school head teacher.

Will the children have to share the facility with the public during school swimming lessons?
No. The school will have exclusive use of the facility during their lessons.

Will there be disabled and family facilities ?
We are planning to have a changing room with shower and w.c. for the disabled and also for adults to use if they are accompanied by children of the opposite gender. There will be easy steps into the pool and a hydraulic hoist.

What will the water temperature be?
We plan to keep the pool water at 29C and the pool hall at 30C, summer and winter.

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