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Progress so far ...... (updated 1 Sept 2014)

~ A comprehensive business plan has been undertaken
~ £303,,000 has been raised by donations & pledges from the community
~ Guernsey Department of Education have expressed their support
~ Alderney States Members have expressed their support with £250,000 of matched funding
~ Beau Sejour Leisure Centre are helping with technical advice
~ Babbes Advocates Guernsey are paying for promoting the project
~ St. Anne's School Headmaster is supporting the project
~ St. Anne's School PTA are supportive
~ GeoMarine Guernsey have drilled 3 test boreholes on site free of charge and have produced a comprehensive report on the ground conditions
~ Forbo (UK) Ltd have donated all the flooring material for the gym, reception and changing area
~ Alderney Shipping are assisting us with transporting all the building materials from the mainland
~ KB Croxton Electrical and AL Electrical Contractors have generously offered to undertake the labour element of the electrical work on the building without charge
~ Island Scaffolding have generously offered to provide and erect all the scaffolding for the interior of the building without charge
~ Structural Engineers CBL Consulting have offered to undertake Civil Engineering reports at very preferential rates to support the project
~ Paul Clark has kindly offered to make warehouse space available without charge to store building materials
~ Keith Barker has generously offered to undertake some of the blockwork and plastering without charge
~ Ian Tugby has generously offered to dig out the foundations without charge
~ Highland Titles have made a major financial contribution and are offering the use of their equipment
~ Channel Windows are offering to contribute towards glazing the project
~ Ronez are helping with aggregate for the base
~ DHS are contributing towards the heating, plumbing and tiling
~ Graham OgierSwimming Pools are assisting us with equipment, materials and advice

Please support those organisations who are supporting our island

You can see more details of donors and sponsorship opportunities here


island fm
Island FM are
this project

Test boreholes being sunk on the site


Planned route map pre-build

~ prepare business plan and get agreement from Alderney States for matched funding ~ Done, States agreed £250,000 of matched funding,

~ confirm Guernsey Education Dept agreement to contribute to running costs and finalise Service Agreement. Agreed: £12,500 indexed for at least 5 years, contract signed by all parties

~ engage Structural Engineer Engaged

~ engage pool & heating engineers Engaged

~ amend plans accordingly Done

~ apply for planning permission Approved

~ go to tender with contractors In hand

~ prepare Gantt chart showing time-line Done

~ prepare 3 year cash flow forecast Done

~ commence building STARTED Sep. 2014




Home : Benefits : PROGRESS : Plans : Fundraising :Tiles : FAQ : Contact