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This page outlines the progress made so far in the construction of the facility.
You can see a full list of the build sequence and what remains to be done here and the major supporters here

June 2014

Boreholes have been drilled to check the underlying soil. It was found to be firm sand with no bedrock down to 11 metres

October 2014

A temporary entrance for plant has been made into Braye Road

October 2014

The site has been made secure using wire fencing and a gate

November 2014

The site has been excavated along the South face adjoining Newtown Road

October 2014

120 wire gabions have been assembled and wired up by volunteers

October to December 2014

The gabions have been filled by hand with 130 tonnes of rocks obtained from quarries on island

January 2015

The old swimming pool has been demolished and is being taken off site

January 2015

The site is being levelled and all excess material taken away




Home : Benefits : PROGRESS : Plans : Fundraising :Tiles : FAQ : Contact