The Facilities 

The Swimming Pool
The pool will be 25m long and 6.5m wide. It will be 0.9m deep at the shallow end and 1.5m at the deep end which conforms to the requirements for teaching young children to swim.

There will be a hoist for handicapped swimmers.

The pool temperature will be kept at 30°C.

The Fitness Centre

To start with the gym will have 4 x treadmills, 2 x rowing machines, 1 x cross trainer and 1 x weight bench.

Changing Rooms

We have an accessible changing room with shower and W.C. for the physically challenged and for adults to use if they are accompanied by children of the opposite gender. There will be easy steps into the pool and a hydraulic hoist.


The Alderney Community and Sports Centre Charitable Trust

A Guernsey Registered Charity CH347

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