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Wall of Fame

YOUR name on YOUR pool


ACSC would like to thank every one of you for your support of our community pool and gym. Already Rod Paris has done an amazing job, engraving 1970 names on tiles, raising an astonishing £19,700 for our much needed community facility. He charges nothing for this service which means 100% of your money goes into the funds. These tiles will take pride of place on our pool wall. What a way to remember a loved one, to wish someone a happy anniversary, to celebrate the birth of a baby, honour your pet or simply to leave a legacy as part of the island's community. Added to this it isn't always easy to find a small personalised Alderney gift. Most of us have to resort to internet shopping for an easy impersonal solution. An engraved tile, on the pool wall, is an everlasting gift and your recipient can see it below. When you order your tile at the Tourist Information Centre you can collect a certificate which you can send to the recipient to show that you are the donor. If you order from the website download a copy. It is not too late to add your loved one to the wall of fame!

All tile queries to Rod Paris

To send this certificate by email, right mouse click the picture then left mouse click "copy". You can then paste the picture into your email with right mouse click then left mouse click "paste".

To print the picture to make a certificate to put into a card, right mouse click the picture then "print"

If you have difficulty, just email us and we'll send you a jpg file attachment of the certificate


Tiles cost £10 each and all proceeds go towards the pool. They are super easy to order and make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

Victoria Street

In person at the Alderney Visitor centre on Victoria Street


You can order and pay for your tiles in Beau Sejour. Look for the display on the wall in the reception area.


You can order and pay online using Paypal or Credit Card. 

To order a tile simply fill in the box below and Rod will do the rest!

Only one person per tile, please ~ no "Family Smith".

If you want the tile to go on our "In Memoriam" wall email Rod Paris

If your pet is not featured opposite contact Rod Paris who will conjure up whatever you desire!

Special 20% offer ~ order 5 tiles of any sort at once (they can each have different names engraved) and get one tile free of charge. When we receive your order we will write back to you to ask the name on the free tile.

Every penny you give goes to the project and stays on island for this much needed new facility. 


  • How much does a tile cost to buy? Each tile costs £10 and ALL of the proceeds go to the swimming pool.

  • How big is a tile? 200mm X 100mm

  • Can I buy one tile for my whole family, for example, 'Family Smith'? No. Each tile is for one person. However you can have more than one name on a tile if you pay £10 per name. 

  • How many tiles have you sold already, and how much have you raised? We have so far sold 1970 tiles, which has raised £19,700 for the swimming pool.

  • What will you do with the tiles? The tiles will be used to create a permanent frieze around the inside walls of the swimming pool building. 

  • Can I see an example of a tile before I buy one? Absolutely. Please pop in to the Visitor Centre on Victoria Street. 

  • I want to buy more than one tile, can I get a discount? Yes you can. If you buy 5 tiles, we will give you a sixth tile for free. You can mix the tiles too, for example, a combination of 'In Memorium', 'pet' or 'regular' tiles. 

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